Tre bei giovanotti eccitatissimi si scopano

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All Nathan Styles wanted was a nice fuck from a stranger, but now that he's come over, he finds himself caught in a love triangle, as lovers Donte Thick and Johnny Hill both seem to have some kind of vendetta to prove. Donte and Johnny waste no time trying to make each other jealous, and Nathan is the beneficiary of all that attention, as they take turns sucking him off in attempts to get a rise out of the other. Nathan doesn't mind being caught between this rock and a hard on, so long as they deliver the goods. And boy, do they! They take turns long dicking Nathan and using him to their hearts content, fucking him all over the living room as they pig roast him from both sides, trading turns fucking his tight, bareback hole, then using him like a cum rag as they both empty their loads all over him. As he lay there covered in their spiteful cum, Johnny and Donte vow to include each other in their secret fantasies

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Anonymous 31 January, 2019

di dove sei che proviamo a rimediare? ti inculo volentieri e il mio è spesso in tiro anche senza guardare i filmati.

Anonymous 17 January, 2019

Mi manca di essere inculato, il mio membro e' sempre moscio. I filmati sono eccellenti e mi eccitano.


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